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Rustic Rehearsal Dinners in Barns

Rustic Rehearsal Dinners in Barns - a good home is a home that makes you feel comfortable when resting, a place to unwind, a gathering place with his family, on this blog Modern House Design we will discuss all about home design which is very attractive and comfortable utuk applied, well now we will discuss Rustic Rehearsal Dinners in Barns please read.

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Rustic Rehearsal Dinners in Barns

It’s no secret that going “rustic” is a huge trend in weddings these days and I am a huge believer in this style especially for the “eve of the wedding”.
My favorite location to run with the rustic rehearsal dinner look is hosting your rehearsal dinner  in a’s the perfect complement to a wedding day spent in a ballroom or glamorous event venue.
Celebrate with bales of hay for seating, high wooden rafters to hang strings of lights and perhaps a chandelier or two, and long estate tables covered in burlap to make it “oh-so” romantic.
We especially like a little “barn bling” and touch of elegance too!
Beginning with a great Rehearsal Dinner invite that sets the tone for a fun celebration in a barn, Etsy’s Paige Burton Designs, captures it best with this awesome design:

Invitation can’t get any better than this for a “Barn” celebration!
Below are some favorite ways to decorate a barn for a wedding celebration..tells us which look you like the best and be sure to let us know why!

Burlap and Lanterns + Simple Vases
From, using burlap as a table runner with lanterns and florals in simple vases makes a stunning yet simple table setting for Rehearsal Dinner guests.

Colorful Paper Lanterns
Bring in some bright, festive colors to liven up the interior of a barn with multi-colored paper lanterns and give a dose of the same color on the tables to really give a sense of fun to your rehearsal dinner.  Photo from Tanja Lippert Photography

Turquoise Chivari’s “take the cake”
Another way to brighten up the interior of a barn is to use bright colored chivari chairs.  Absolutely can’t get enough of the use of the color turquoise for seating combined with the touch of orange in the large centerpiece in the pic above by

The lighting and florals are amazing!
This event designed by the spectacular Julie Atwood in Sonoma is fabulous!  The floral design is so loose and natural for a barn setting and love the white pitchers..white pops in a dark and dank barn which is one reason barn weddings work so well.

Chandeliers bring “bling”
For the bride who luvs “bling” in just about everything, this photo from shows how easy it is to hang chandeliers and other light fixtures from the barn rafters for that extra special touch of elegance.

Plants add a touch of Green
Softening the rustic look with a few green plants is a great idea and won’t break the bank, especially if you take them home after the festivites! Photo from

Bales of Hay for Cocktails
From, such a great idea to set aside an area in the barn as a cocktail lounge with seating provided by bales of sure to cover with cloth.  Luv the square tables to set drinks on and of course, we luv those lanterns!

Cockail Area outside Barn
Another use of bales of hay for cocktails but this pic is outside the barn and covers the hay with different brightly colored linens.  Got to luv the hanging lanterns too!  From

Centerpieces capture “rustic”  setting perfectlyI can’t say enough about how awesome this look is from

Check out the “woodsy” feel of the centerpieces along with the darling napkins that also serve as the placecard.
We like it so much I have to post another pic!

Woodsy elements set the rustic tone

Here’s a photo from that shows how burlap table linens on rounds can make a beautiful table:

Luv the crisp white napkins and the centerpiece with books for elevating the planter!

Last but not leastly, we love these cocktail napkin rings made of burlap jute with just the right amount of “rhinestone bling”!  Hats off to Etsy designer, EAB Designs, for the awesome design.

Burlap Napkin Ring with “Bling” from Etsy

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